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Formal dinners are something that highlights the hidden mannerisms and sophistication of an individual out in the open. It reflects that whether the individual is aware of the common art i.e. setting up a formal dinner table or not. Many women tend to get confused especially when they have to set up a table for starters to desserts. Things get more complex if women are asked to arrange a table for a wine dinner.

Wine dinner is a type of meal in which every course that is to be served to the guests has to be paired up with a different flavor of the wine. The number of dishes or courses that are lined up for the night will determine the number of wines that are needed. Even the desserts are paired up with wine in a wine dinner.

In order to determine the right way of setting up the dinner table for a wine dinner, follow the steps that are mentioned below:


In order to serve a wine with the appetizers make sure that is cold and highly acidic. It should make sure that the gustatory juices of the individuals start working as soon as they take the first sip. Sparkling wine is the right way to do it. The glass is a very important element you should consider too. The appropriate glass will enhance the flavors  and help develop hidden aromas. Some champing flutes are designed with great passion for enjoying sparkling wines at any time. It chamber allows even subtle aromas to develop fully, thus the flute wonderfully brings out fresh notes of lemongrass, acacia, rose or violet.


You might be wondering that who serves a wine with a soup, well that is the royal way to do it. In a wine dinner, soup is also served with a wine. Creamy soups are often paired up with white wines. The wine should be chilled enough and in order to enhance the taste of the soup as well as of the wine then make sure that the soup is at least a day old.


Many people often get confused that which wine should be paired up with which salad. There are a lot of options of wine that can complement the salad that is being served to the guests. However, people should take care of certain things. Firstly, they should make sure that the wine is highly acidic and secondly many people choose red wine for salads. Instead of red wine, orange wine should be served. It will enhance the flavor of the salad.

Main Entrée

Many people serve red wine with the main course and that is the perfect wine that can be served with the main dish of the night. However, red wine should be decanted perfectly before it is served to the guests. The decanting process helps in enhancing the overall flavor of the red wine as all sediments that can affect the flavor of the wine are removed completely.


Desserts are also paired up with wine in order to enhance the flavor. If people take a sip of wine while they are chewing or tasting the dessert, it will automatically create a unique and different flavor overall. If chocolate desserts are served the wine should be full-bodied and rich wine. However, in caramel desserts, white wine should be served. It can be something like the Vin Santo, a wine that is available in Italy. The type of wine also varies according to the fruits that are used in a pie. If fruits like berries are used then a red wine that is a late harvest should be served. However, if the dessert is made up of peach then people should serve white wine that is also of a late harvest. Using an appropriate glass is very important as well.

In order to make sure that the guests enjoy every bit of the wine dinner make sure that all of the steps that are mentioned above are followed and implemented.

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