How to Serve Wine: Why and when to decant Red Wine

Decant Red Wine

Wine is a drink that needs to be served perfectly as that signifies the beauty of it. Pouring the wine simply into the wine glass is not enough, as perfection needs to be achieved to enhance the taste of it. The way the wine is served will have an affect on the way it tastes. However, few elements need to be considered in order to serve the wine properly. Here is a list of few elements that one should keep in mind:

The Glass

Wine should be served in a glass that compliments it. If the glass is not unique and stylish enough, it won’t be able to bring about the actual taste of the wine.  People tend to prefer wine in long goblet glasses, as they are easy to hold and enhance the actual color of the wine. A wine glass should not be filled to the top of the glass.

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Cool Wine

Wine tastes better if it is chilled properly. Hence people should make sure that they store the wine in the fridge before they serve it to their guests. Both red and white wine taste better when they are stored in the refrigerator before serving. Common misconception is that red wine must be served at room temperature, when in fact serving it cool (around 10°C or 50°F to 60°F degrees) is the best way to enjoy it. Some people might argue but wine taste better chilled. The ideology that applies to different drinks like soda, coffee etc., is also applied to wine as well.

Follow the Rituals

In order to serve the wine, the proper ritual of opening it should be followed as that compliments the main purpose of the wine i.e. celebration. In order to serve the wine properly, people should follow on the little details as that is what matters the most.


Decanting Red Wine

However, every wine needs to be served differently. Red wine tastes better if it is decanted. Decanting enhances the flavor of the red wine significantly. It is the process in which the wine is poured into the glass pitcher and is left there for a period of about 30 – 45 minutes. Under the process of decanting, the sediments that are present in the red wine are removed. The wine is aerated which adds up to the aroma and flavor of the wine on a whole. In order to make sure that the red wine is decanted in the perfect manner, people should follow the steps mentioned below:

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Step one: Let the bottle stay still overnight

The red wine bottle should be stored in an upright position as that way the sediments will move down to the bottom of the bottle thus making it easier for the people to separate the sediments from the wine through a decanter.

Step two: Decant the bottle

Now the cork of the bottle should be removed and a flashlight should be placed under the neck of the bottle. Now the red wine should be poured lightly and slowly into the decanter. The pace of pouring the red wine should gradually become slower once you reach the middle of the bottle.

Step three: Discard the sediment

Once the sediments are accumulating near the neck of the bottle they should stop immediately. However, keep in mind that the sediments are  tiny particles that are often found in old red wines. The liquid that has sediments in it should be discarded completely.

Step four: Serve the wine

After the red wine is decanted properly and left for a while, it is ready to serve.

People often decant white wine as well but it is not needed. However, in the case of red wine, without the process of decanting it cannot be served to the people. Hence red wine bottles should be bought and stored at least 24 hours before they are to be served.

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