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Wine and Cheese Basics

For many years people have been enjoying wine with different types of cheese that are available in the market. Cheese helps in enhancing the overall flavor of the wine. It not only enhances the flavor if the wine, but it changes and modifies the flavor of the wine completely. The lactic acid that one can find in the cheese made sure that the taste of the wine is much softer and is more attractive. In the past, many wine shops used to give a piece of cheese along with wine especially when the buyers are busy deciding the flavor of wine they want. Since then wine and cheese have become an everlasting combination that everyone uses.

Here is a list of cheese that matches different kinds of wine that are being sold in the market:

Blue Cheese

Quite famous for its unique and distinct flavor is the Blue cheese. Blue cheese is salty and it also has a tangy flavor. Blue cheese is often difficult to be paired up with a wine, however; many people mostly use it with sweet wines like late harvest wines. Blue cheese is known mainly for its softness and crumbly texture.

White Mould Cheese

Another famous cheese is the White cheese. It is often paired up with different kinds of wines. White cheese is acidic and can impart a chalky flavor hence it should be paired up with wine that is acidic in nature. Rose sparkling wine is one such example that can be paired up with white mold cheese. However, one thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is that of the cheese has become old then it should be paired with a wine that is more richer and has more depth in terms of its flavor.

Washed Rind Cheese

Washed Rind Cheese is quite hard with a soft center and a very strong smell of an ammonia component. It might not be suitable for people who are allergic to strong smells hence it should be avoided by them. In order to bring out the best flavor of the cheese as well as the wine make sure that it is matched up with mild wines like sparkling fermented wine or light wines like Pinot Noir.

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese is also a hard cheese and it imparts a very strong flavor of the cheese. The longer it is kept and stored the more strong its flavor gets. Cheddar cheese can be paired up with red wines, Pinot Blanc etc. However, if you are planning to serve cheddar cheese with red wine then make sure that the red wine is decanted properly as it will enhance the flavor of the wine beautifully.


Parmesan is a form of hard cheese and it has a nutty flavor, therefore, it imparts a strong salty flavor. Hence such cheese needs to be paired up with wines that are acidic. Red wine or fortified wines are the best options that can be paired up with Parmesan cheese.

Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheese includes mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Both kinds of cheese are used in dishes and are hardly taken separately. Hence one should make sure that the wine is not paired up with the taste of the cheese individually but it should be paired up with the overall taste of the dish that includes fresh cheese in it as an ingredient. White wines like Pinot Gris can be matched with fresh cheese.

All of the above cheeses should be paired up with wines that complement it as if they do not complement one another then it will have an affect on the overall flavor of the wine as well as of the cheese that you are pairing it up with.

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